Our commitment to help during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

March, 18 2020
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In light of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, we fully support the precautionary measures of governments and businesses worldwide to encourage social distancing by staying home. 

At OpenLearning, our mission is to provide equitable access to education for everyone, especially for those who have limited access to education or training. This is especially so when many plans have had to be changed, postponed or cancelled due to travel restrictions.

Our commitment to help during the outbreak

We are committed to helping you support your learners and businesses during this tough time. OpenLearning will continue to run as usual and our support channels will remain open.

Many of our partners worldwide are already well positioned to cope with this crisis. However, we understand that there are others who may not be as ready. In times like these, OpenLearning would like to offer our support for businesses and institutions by helping transition their day-to-day operations online.

For education and training providers: 
Quickly move learning material online, then continue engaging with and keeping track of your learners. See how PSDC and Sunway University are offering online versions of face-to-face courses.

For HR managers and team leaders:
Minimise business disruptions by keeping your team informed, and running your onboarding and internal training online.

For conference and event organisers:
Upload event content and organise online meetups for your participants to join in from wherever they are. Here’s how we did this for our own conference in 2017 and 2018.

For students and employees working from home:
Learning is not cancelled! You can still learn something new with courses such as:

For support on any of the options above, please get in touch and we'll find a way to help.

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Some resources to get started 

Online learning does not necessarily involve instructional videos or a live broadcast. 

If you are keen to explore how to rethink online learning during this crisis, here are some resources that may be useful:

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We will also be providing more help and support resources in the coming days via our channels:

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Get in touch with us if you need help or have any ideas for how to support each other during this time.

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