AI Assistant Tutorial: How to Design an Activity to Practice a Technique

As technology continues to advance, the integration of artificial intelligence in education is becoming more prevalent. OpenLearning is at the forefront of this shift with the introduction of the AI Assistant. 

In this video, Senior Learning Designer Dr. Shaun Thompson explains how to use the OpenLearning AI Assistant Activity Builder and Content Generator to create an activity for a course on scriptwriting.


Learning patterns used in this tutorial:

  • Practice a Technique: Prompt your learners to research and share a technique, then complete relevant challenges.
  • General Text: Offer comprehensive content on a specific topic, providing learners with foundational knowledge and understanding. 

Practice a Technique

Encouraging learners to actively engage in practicing techniques is essential for their growth and development. By prompting them to research and share specific techniques, followed by completing relevant challenges, learners can apply their knowledge in a practical setting. This hands-on approach not only reinforces their understanding but also hones their skills through active participation and problem-solving. Ultimately, this experiential learning method fosters a deeper level of comprehension and mastery of the subject matter.

For instance in a course on scriptwriting, students can practice the technique of creating compelling dialogue by researching famous scripts and analysing how writers effectively convey character emotions and motivations through their words. After studying these techniques, learners can then apply them by crafting their own dialogue scenes and receiving feedback from peers and instructors. This hands-on approach refines their storytelling abilities and provides practical experience in creating impactful dialogue that resonates with audiences.


General Text

The general text content style offers learners a deep dive into a specific topic to build a solid foundation of knowledge. Learners can easily access to comprehensive information that covers all essential aspects of the subject matter, equipping them with the necessary information to navigate through complex topics with ease. It often includes key principles, theories, and practical applications, ultimately enhancing their learning experience and fostering a deeper level of comprehension.

For instance, in a course on scriptwriting, general text can be used to delve into the fundamental elements of storytelling such as character development, plot structure, and thematic elements. Or, it could explore the evolution of scriptwriting techniques over time, from traditional screenplays to innovative storytelling formats, giving students a broad perspective on the art and craft of writing for the screen. This information could inspire learners to think creatively and push boundaries in their own storytelling.


This is a snippet from the 'Harnessing AI for Next-Gen Course Development with OpenLearning' webinar. Watch the full recording here. 



The OpenLearning AI Assistant is a suite of tools that enable course creators to generate subject-specific content while ensuring integrity and quality. Learn more at:

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